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Monday, June 7, 2010

The Twilight myth

I finally broke down and read the Twilight series. I wasn't planning on reading them, but I got sick and a friend loaned them all to me and over the coarse of about a week, I read all four books. I have to say the books are addicting. I finally understood what all the talk was about.
When talking to Ace about them he made a comment about something he does not like about the movies. He has seen both movies, but has not read the books. He said that they give girls a false idea of what love is like. After thinking about that for a day I began to see what he meant. The love that Bella and Edward have for each other is extremely intense. They fall in love over a short period of time and their love is is impossibly resilient. Their love survives, rouge vampire attacks, werewolves and the fact that he finds her blood and smell like a drug. That kind of love just is not real.
Early on in a relationship we all have been known to be on that adrenaline high. It feels great, but we can't function on that kind of high for extended periods of time. Eventually our bodies build a tolerance to the adrenaline and that new ooey gooey love feeling fades into a more manageable love. It can still be intense, but the way the love between Edward and Bella is what little and big girls dream about. The thought of a guy willing to do anything for you, the guy that will vow to protect you and wants to spend forever with you is every girls dream. Throw in the forbidden part that makes it all dangerous and these girls are setting themselves up to fail when it comes to love.
I'll admit, I love the story and the movies now, but I also know that I can't hold onto the dream of a man that would rather die than live his life without me. Its no wonder so many marriages and relationships fail when Hollywood and novels put such unreal expectations into our minds. Things become comfortable and mundane and we long for that rush of love that we either once new early in our relationship or that we have seen and read. We think if we leave and or cheat that we can find that kind of love and maybe this time it will last. We are all adrenaline junkies, hoping for that high again, rarely realizing that it is only temporary. But it is when that high fades that real love can really shine. Being strong enough to get past that desire for the temporary high and live for the comfortable feeling of lasting love is what true love is all about. Sure there will be times where you want there to be more or things won't be great, but we can't doubt our love. Doubt will only make us crazy and doubt will only cause pain for us and the one we love.
As my husband has been known to say, the grass is greener where you water it. Where are you watering?

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