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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why we should not make life choices at 20

When I was 20, I thought I knew everything. I was living on my own. I was in college and I had my whole career and life before me. I knew what I was going to be and do. Can I go back and slap that girl now?
Seventeen years later I have to say 20 year olds should not make life choices. They think that every promise they hear will be kept and they romanticize life as a grown up. At the age of 20, while there are some responsibilities that are had, they are nothing compared to what they will be responsible for in 15 years. Most 20 year olds don't have kids. Most 20 year olds are not supporting themselves 100%. Most 20 year olds are not married and most 20 year olds can not even fathom what life is going to throw at them.
I can look back at myself at 20 and laugh now as I think about how I thought I knew everything. I was sure of my future and I really did believe in the fantasy of growing up and living happily ever after. I believed the lie of all those movies there everyone road off into the sunset with all of their dreams come true.
I see 20 year olds today and I see them making the same exact mistakes that I made. They believe the fantasy. I know they probably won't listen to me, but maybe those of us who have been there done that got the t-shirt should ban together and really help these poor kids. Maybe we can have an intervention for all of them. Sit them down and tell them all the things we have learned since the age of 20. However, I also know my wisdom comes from having lived through it myself. I have to admit a little part of me gets a small amount of joy from the thought of those immature little 20 year olds experiencing life and realizing that life is not all candy canes and lollipops.
But just the same I still have a list of things I have learned that I would like to pass on to those unsuspecting 20 year olds out there.

1. Someone is going to break your heart.
2. That dream job will not pay you what you think you are worth.
3.The career path you thought you were going to take will not happen like you thought it would. 4. Kids will change your life in huge, good and bad ways.
5. You will get wrinkles.
6.You will gain weight.
7.You will get grey hair.
8. At some point in the future you will have regrets about choices you made.
9. Someone will lie to you and you will believe them.
10. Someone won't appreciate you.
11. The happily ever after you dreamed up will have its ups and downs and it is how you deal with those that will decide whether or not your happily ever after will actually happen.
12. Promises will be broken.
13. Someone is going to fail you.
14. If you are not flexible in what you want or expect out of life nothing or no one will live up to your standards.
15. Life is not about YOUR happiness.
16. Selfish people exist and you will have to deal with them.
17. It is easy to see other people's flaws, so just remember they are seeing yours too.
18. If you have unrealistic expectations you are setting yourself up to fail.
19. No one respects that old person that never grew up.
20. The world is not here to meet YOUR needs and wants.

There are plenty more, but I think we all need to learn some things on our own. I mean after all, even though many of today's 20 year olds have been given every thing they ever wanted, they will have to learn the hard way that life does not owe them anything.
So I say to all the 20 year olds out there, don't believe the lies, grow up and please listen to those of us who know what we are talking about. Trust me, some day you will admit we are right.

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  1. I like this post. Life's a journey. Being young and impressionable at 20 is part of it.
    The question is, how much SHOULD we tell them? I know I had a lot of fun back then too. :)