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I'm a mother of two beautiful girls. I think Sarcasm is a spiritual gift, even Jesus was sarcastic. I have no patience for people who are not real. I'm a Christian, but I hate how so many Christians have made that a bad word. My goal is to be a strong woman who loves God and encourages other women to do the same. I love upcycling and building things from repurposed items and reclaimed wood. We as women don't always see ourselves for the amazing women we are. It took me a lot of pain and hard work to find out who I am and what I am passionate about. I want other women to find their passions and not let others hold them back. Maybe some of my posts and projects that I will post will encourage other women to be who God wants them to be.


Friday, October 29, 2010


Trust is a word that can get you into trouble. On the one hand we all want people to trust us. On the other hand, once we break that trust, it is a bear to earn back. I generally am a very trusting person. You have to do something pretty bad for me not to trust you and then I will usually forgive you if you ask me to, but if you continue to break that trust then it becomes harder and harder for me to trust you again.

I do my best to be sincere in what I say even if it does not show in my face. The fact that I tend to be an honest person almost to a fault sometimes I expect the same from others. I have found lying only hurts others and in the end the truth usually comes out anyway.

We have all known someone in our life that was not honest. They may have used dishonesty to make themselves look better. They may have used it because they were insecure in who they are. There are a lot of reasons why someone might think it is OK to be dishonest, but I have rarely found a good reason. Now you may say what about protecting someone’s feelings? Well to a point I understand that, but if the truth is most likely going to come out in the end anyway all you have accomplished is hurting them further.

I am not as trusting as I used to be I will admit that. I have been lied to more than I care to admit in my life. The hard part about that is I don’t want to be an untrusting person. I want to trust people. I don’t want to put up walls to protect myself from being hurt by lies. I want to see the good in people. I may deal with depression and I may have my moments where I get angry, but I do believe that there is good in all of us. It really does take a lot for me to walk away from someone even when they have hurt me pretty bad. I keep thinking about the good things they have said or done. Maybe that makes me a glutton for punishment, but I think that we are called to look for the good in people and not assume the worst.

I think some people assume the worst in me sometimes simply because my natural relaxed face looks sad. That is just the way God made me. My mouth turns down at corners and makes me look down even when I am happy. I have even heard some say that my face does not reflect my words, so I guess this is a soapbox of mine when I want people to look for and remember the good and not assume the worst.

All that being said, I challenge you to three things, first be honest. People really do expect you to be honest, why not give them what they want? Second, expect honesty from others. We live in a rather negative world, why not expect people to tell you the truth. Finally, look for the good in others and remember that. Don’t hold onto this hurt or that hurt. Remember the good that they have said and done and stop looking for the bad. We don’t have to be miserable in life. I have a card on my mirror that says “Pain is inevitable, misery is optional.” Some days it is harder to believe that than others, I will admit, but did you ever stop to think that maybe the pain you see in someone else was put there by you either not being honest, you not looking for honesty in them or you not looking for the good in them?

God gave us each other to love and most days we do a pretty good job of that, but I think the bigger challenge that I put out there for you is to love everyone even when they seem unlovable, untrustworthy or they have hurt you. I can’t promise that your love will be returned, but at least you will know you did what you are called to do and in the end God will bless that.

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